User Experience Leadership

Responsible for consistency across the application, integration of new features, and priorities and trade offs for the 5.5 release for vSphere. Worked with a team of over 50 designers and engineers.

Key Leadership Methods


Reviewed the product at different points in the release cycle to identify areas of inconsistency early.


Made difficult decisions to prioritize major issues and drive solutions into the release.


Negotiated and brainstormed with teams when designers struggled to align.


Led efforts to collect informal feedback from users and stakeholders across the company.


Wrote design standards to help everyone learn existing patterns.


Worked with designers and engineers to teach design process at VMware.

Major User Experience Accomplishments

1. Over 25 features were added to the product.

"there's a lot to love about the revamped vSphere Web Client in vSphere 5.5"
- Rob B

2. The performance of the application was significantly improved.

"For those who haven't yet upgraded their labs to vSphere 5.5 - what they say is true, the vSphere Web Client is definitely much faster."
- Matt L
"Really like the performance improvement of the vCenter 5.5 Web Client"
- ibeerens

3. Navigation was improved to reduce clicks to find the right objects across many new features.